OUTATIME: A Charity Art Auction

Nice Kicks Presents – “Outatime: A Charity Art Auction Benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation”

Los Angeles, CA – October 17, 2015 – This coming October 21st marks a monumental day in the fictitious world of Back to the Future, a date that millions of fans of the trilogy have been anticipating for decades. When Dr. Emmet Brown tells Marty McFly, “Something’s gotta be done about your kids” at the conclusion of the first film the duo jumps in the unforgettable DeLorean time machine and heads to October 21st, 2015 to keep Marty’s kids out of trouble. In Back to the Future Part II Marty is introduced to a futuristic world filled with flying cars, hoverboards and automatic lacing sneakers.

To celebrate the arrival of Marty McFly the mega popular sneaker blog Nice Kicks has something special planned in honor of the 10/21/2015 milestone. Nice Kicks has organized a charity auction that will feature original pieces of artwork that are all inspired by the beloved film series.

Over 40 artists have created tributes to the characters, moments and spirit of the Back to the Future franchise for—“Outatime: A Charity Art Auction Benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation.” The list of talented artists donating pieces includes the iconic street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey, the gifted 9-year-old portraitist Yung Lenox along with his father Skip Class, and many more. Individuals from around the world can bid on the art pieces from home using eBay. All proceeds generated from the auction will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to assist in the continual efforts to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Over five million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s disease, a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder whose symptoms typically progress from mild tremors to complete physical incapacitation. Team Fox started in 2006 as the community fundraising division of The Michael J. Fox Foundation. Currently, Team Fox has over 1800 active members and has raised more than $35 million toward accelerating a cure for Parkinson’s disease and improved therapies for those living with the condition today. The Michael J. Fox Foundation is the largest nonprofit funder of Parkinson’s Research. For more information, visit www.michaeljfox.org

Fans can see the pieces in person by visiting 862 South Main Street in the heart of Los Angeles. This spot was handpicked by the Nice Kicks crew and will serve as not only an art gallery, but also a pop up shop. Global streetwear brand The Hundreds will have available for purchase their highly anticipated apparel collaboration with Back to the Future on October 21st. And it wouldn’t be a Nice Kicks event without kicks. A limited number of exclusive sneakers will be available for purchase throughout the week (check @shopnicekicks & @thestndrd for updates). This once in a lifetime experience will also include a full sized replica DeLorean time machine for fans to view and plenty of more exciting BTTF related surprises to experience and purchase!

This October 17th – 21st will kick off something really “heavy” for all the Back to the Future fans of the world—thanks to Nice Kicks. The event will celebrate the enduring legacy of Back to the Future and will offer fans the chance to acquire artwork based on the timeless trilogy, with all the proceeds donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Whether you can attend all the excitement in person by visiting the gallery in Los Angeles, or will take part via eBay, this event is a moment in time you won’t want to miss!

To view announcements and event updates regarding “Outatime” visit shopnicekicks.com and @shopnicekicks. You can also visit thestndrd.com and @thestndrd for news and features regarding Outatime. When sharing information and images regarding Outatime via social media please use, #OUTATIMEartSHOW.


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  4. Shannon

    10/20/2015 at 12:05 pm

    Can someone please tell me what time this show runs until tomorrow night (Oct 21st)?? It has been impossible to find the information anywhere!!

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