stndrd Style: Life After Denim


Photography by Alex Hernandez

Let’s be honest, summer is not one of our favorite seasons to get dressed with due to the scorching and unpredictable humidity. After a recent trip to the West Coast, I realize how LA is capitalizing on the fashion industry by offering lightweight pieces that can easily be layered and worn separately and keep you fresh at the same time. In fact, LA is one of the few places that experiences all four seasons in a day all year round! Starting with the cold mornings, humid afternoons, warm evenings (also known as the magic hour), and back to their frigged nights. But I have to say no brand has captured the spirit of LA like the brand “Life After Denim.” With a name like this, I think it’s safe to assume that they don’t offer denim, but instead, they offer great quality chino’s pants that will make you forget about those sweaty jeans in an instant. They also offer everything from sweatshirts, lightweight hoodie polos and jackets. The menswear brand started in 2009 by childhood friends Alexis Frey and Michael Choi. The two set out to create a label that paid homage to the classic American style. Besides creating pieces that captured the eye, the two men set out to create a lifestyle brand that captured the grit, glamour and the creativity that reflected their roots in LA and New York. For this season essential, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite pieces from their collection, the Hachiko Henley, to show the many style options that you can pull off with this essential piece.

Formal Wear 


Casual Wear 


Weekend Wear


To get your hands on this piece head over to Life After Denim and thank us later.

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