Legion M x Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas


“Legion M isn’t just a company, it’s a movement. With creative allies like Alamo Drafthouse on board and a legion of co-owners/fans supporting us, we aim to be one of the most influential and powerful studios on the planet. Come join our movement to open the gates of Hollywood,” said Paul Scanlan, CEO and co-founder of Legion M.

Jeff Annison (co-founder & President of Legion M) and Paul Scanlan recently started the very first fan-owned entertainment company with, Legion M. Now, they are joining forces with the well respected, and theater sanctuary for film lovers, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and also Drafthouse Films.

I spoke to Jeff Annison and Paul Scanlan about their brand new partnership with Alamo Drafthouse. Fans can learn more about Legion M at thelegionm.com and can invest in the company directly at wefunder.com/legionm.

Can you talk briefly about the Alamo Drafthouse’s chain of theaters and what makes them unique?

Jeff Annison: Alamo Drafthouse is the cool new kid in the distribution space, shaking up the staid part of the business with their creative approach and passion for the theater going experience. They are innovating a part of the business where innovation has been rare. We have been huge fans of theirs since day one. With Drafthouse Films, they have one of the hottest hands in independent and genre film production. They are tastemakers and put much thought into curating the movies they show and marketing them to the right audiences. Ticket sales don’t lie, pound for pound, no other theater chain comes close to filling theater seats and getting people out to enjoy the movies. Just like us, they are passionate fans of movies themselves and put fans at the center of everything they do. That common bond of serving the ultimate fans binds us together in so many ways.

What kind of filmgoers does Drafthouse cater to in your mind?

Paul Scanlan: Drafthouse filmgoers are passionate and enthusiastic fans of film who care about keeping theater-going sacred. They are fans that want to experience the movie together with other fans, paying full respect to the art of film and dedicating their time to the experience.

Can you talk a little bit about the partnership Alamo has entered with Legion M?

JA: Alamo is joining the esteemed Legion M creative alliance. The alliance also includes Seth Green and the team at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (the studio behind Robot Chicken), Meltdown Comics and 42 Entertainment. The Alamo partnership brings film expertise, advisory and a distribution pipeline to Legion M.

What are some of the things you are most excited about when it comes to this partnership?

PS: Both companies put fans at the center of everything they do and fundamentally believe in supporting the creative side of the movie business. We are excited to find some joint projects to produce together and distribute via the Alamo theaters.

Why does Legion M make sense as a partner for Alamo?

JA: Legion M adds a great deal of value to anything Alamo is already working on. The Legion brings another source of funding and an immediate source of fandom, which are probably the two most sought after elements with any creative project, particularly early in the development process.

When can we expect to see things produced and made available from this partnership?

PS: We are excited to make this announcement, but even more excited to announce our first project. Capitalizing on this partnership means jointly getting behind some killer projects together. That’s what we’re excited to start talking about. Stay tuned on that front. We’re hoping to have more information in the coming weeks.

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