stndrd Style: Chance The Rapper


2016 has been a great year for music. So far in 2016, fans have been treated to another surprise album from Beyonce, “The Life of Pablo” has finally been released and we have gotten Chance The Rapper’s latest release, “Coloring Book.” The trend for artists becoming independent has been steady, but no one has pushed the boundaries of independence more than Chance. He became the first independent artist to perform on SNL, his latest project, “Coloring Book,” is the first streaming-exclusive to reach the number 8 spot on Billboard. It’s quite clear Chance is here to make history. For this episode of stndrd Style we wanted to break down the Chicago native’s style and point out why he’s one to watch-not only in music, but also in the style arena.


The Hat

Wearing hats isn’t for everybody but Chance The Rapper makes them look cool—like he does with pretty much everything. Chance is always wearing a Chicago White Sox cap and it was no surprise when he teamed up with New Era to give the White Sox Cap an impeccable style makeover. He designed three silhouettes and the caps came in black, grey and navy color-ways. They featured colored bills and three different versions of the White Sox’s signature logo. The caps were a true reflection of Chance’s unique style while showing love for his home town.


90s Nostalgia

There’s no argument that the 90s was the one of the most influential decades. It was the era of chat rooms, TRL countdowns and shiny and flashy fashion thanks to Puff. It’s no surprise to see the resurface of a lot of the 90’s influence in the current state of fashion and music thanks to artists like Chance the Rapper. The overalls, the tie dye shirts and sports jerseys show Chance paying homage to the golden era of hip-hop through his style. Before hip-hop became Versace, YSL and Gucci it was all about Tommy, Adidas, and Starter Jerseys. I’m for one am happy to see hip-hop making its way back to the roots and style that started it all. But, let’s keep the baggy Pelle Pelle jeans in the 90s please.



Chance might not be on DJ Khaled’s level when it comes to sneakers, but his style proves he has great taste when it comes to kicks. He has been seen rocking everything from Yeezy’s to Converse to adidas on stage. Chance’s shoe game is as diverse as it comes. With music artists becoming the new creative directors and brand ambassador’s for footwear, one can’t help but wonder if Chance will also follow that path. Nike, adidas and Puma are in a style war and they are snatching up every influential person they can find. Can we expect Chance to be next in line for his own collaboration? If so, we know it will be something that’s different and ahead of the game…just like everything he does.

It’s a bit too early to induct Chance into the fashion hall of fame but these style traits prove he’s on his way. More important than fashion, Chance is changing the music industry without compromising the quality of his work and his integrity. To listen to Chance’s latest project “Coloring Book”, click here and thank us later.

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