She Might Not Be Into You


For this episode of stndrd Love, we are playing the love doctor as we share some of our romance wisdom strictly with the fellas this season. With spring quietly moving along, cuffing season slowly disappearing and summer practically here, (at-least on the west-coast) we wanted to disseminate some romance tips to keep you ahead of the game. We wanted to use this opportunity to let you know why the girl you’ve been following on Twitter, stalking on Instagram and added on Snaphchat might not be into you if these three things are true. For the record, this isn’t a cosmopolitan quiz or made up love horoscopes this is straight stndrd law!

social media

Computer Love

As advance as social media has become, it’s almost the main source of communication in some ways. It’s easier to click open an app to show you how someone is doing than to actually drop by their house or setup a time to catch up with them. But even so, if the women you are after only communicate with you via social media, we are sad to say she might not be into you. Or, you’re not the only guy she’s into. Social media is great for staying connected with friends and family but actually taking the time to call or text someone is more intimate and more personal than sliding into someone dm’s and it kind of shows that she’s simply not ready to take it to the next level with you just yet. So as fun as it is to get those naughty snapchat messages early in the morning, without having her actual digits, or a more direct form of contact—she secretly might not be into you and just enjoying the thrill of the affair. So you might as well just take it for what it is and enjoy the show because she’s not ready for the commitment.


Crew Love

Now this one is obvious as hell, but I see too many guys in denial when it comes to the “group date” syndrome. The idea starts out simple and direct, you asked the lady you’re after for a night out but nothing to scare her, simply a cafe date or city outing ending with a trip to your favorite Italian restaurant on 34th street. Everything goes smooth until the last minute when she mentions, “this sounds cool let’s invite Mike, Tiffany and Steve too.” And just like that, your romantic Saturday evening turned into an episode of “Friends.” Now you have no choice but to go with the flow because it’s extremely awkward to say “I kind of wanted to take just you out” because you don’t want to put yourself out there, so instead you have to take a quiet “L.” Now this may happen once and even twice, but if this is becoming a routine where you just can’t get her alone even for a few hours without the company of others, it might be a simple sign that she’s not that into you. In fact, she might have already put you in the “friend zone,” the zone that no guy wants to be inducted in. So you might as well make company with the other guys she curved and put in the friend zone and bring the beer for the party.

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Diamonds and Pearls

Women love receiving gifts, the shinier the better, so it’s a huge red flag if she doesn’t accept any of your gifts. Now, this tip is tricky because some women just feel totally weird taking gifts from guys, even if you been friends for years, but if she has any sparkle of desire for you at all, she will not pass up too many opportunities to take a gift from you. And most women are skeptical taking gifts from guy’s because they know most gifts come with a price tag they’re not willing to pay. But, if you really want to test this philosophy, buy her a meaningful gift, something that only a close friend would know she likes. Nothing generic. So ditch the predictable flowers and candy and go out and offer to take her out to the rock climbing class she’s been dying to try. If she denies that, then I hate to say she just might not be into you. And she might think you’ll dull as a pet rock. No pun intended.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out love, but it does take a rocket scientist to figure out women. Women change and are unpredictable like the weather, so it’s always best to be prepared. We hope this guideline can keep you one step ahead as you avoid the dreadful “friends zone” at all cost. Now go out and find the women of your dreams and don’t forget to tip your waiter.

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