Hershel Supply: The Day/Night Collection


The Day/Night Collection comes hot on the heels of two innovative Hershel Supply product releases—the SealTech (the self healing fabric) and ApexKnit (Herschel’s trademarked woven technology).


The transformative offering applies an innovative reflective fabric to convenient and cleanly designed Packable silhouettes. In low-light or dark conditions, the fabric coating’s retroreflective particles are activated and visible to a direct light source, such as car headlights, making each Day/Night piece perfect for evening walks and cycle commutes. The fabric doesn’t reflect natural or ambient light, so during the day and indoors it maintains its intended color, which includes Peacoat blue, Red and White for Spring. Additionally, exposed plastic zippers and subtle Herschel Supply finishes complement this offering’s minimal aesthetic.

The progressive Day/Night Daypack and Duffle are rendered in an ultra-lightweight and resilient plain-weave poly. A durable custom coating is applied, creating a water-resistant barrier that’s reflective when you need it to be.

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