Film Script: Hardcore Henry


Hardcore Henry opens this Friday! Russian filmmaker, IIya Naishuller, directs the off the wall action picture and the film’s title tells you everything you need to know about the flick. The uniqueness of the project centers on the idea that the audience experiences the entire film through the eyes of the main character. Hardcore Henry stars Sharlto Copley, Tim Roth and Haley Bennett. The film is produced by Timur Bekmambetov.

Timur Bekmambetov has served as a director on films like Night Watch, Wanted and the upcoming Ben-Hur. He has also worked in a producing capacity for a long list of projects—including 9 and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I spoke with Timur Benmambetov about the new film, Hardcore Henry.

Hardcore Henry has a very video game feel to it. Where did the idea for the film come from?

The idea for Hardcore Henry surfaced after I first talked to Ilya Naishuller. I was impressed by the incredible Biting Elbows music video he shot and the unique manner of storytelling he used made it clear that style might work for a feature film.

It was an experiment but I was sure it was going to work. Video and computer games have formed for many of us a completely new reality. A reality that is more emotional and adventurous than our everyday lives.


Hardcore Henry is an original idea and concept. Was it hard to convince the studio to make an original idea in this day and time?

I do agree that major studios would typically never produce anything like Hardcore Henry because decisions are made within studios using a committee. A director’s unique vision and manner of storytelling are sometimes not taken into consideration. However, considering the fact that I owned it, it was pretty easy to convince the studio to join.

Is Hardcore Henry a franchise in the making in your mind? Could more films or projects be made within this universe?

I assume our audience will answer the question if a sequel is necessary. But, as far as other films…I’m sure Hardcore Henry will become sort of a big bang for this universe…making it grow and expand in the near future.

Hardcore Henry opens this Friday 4/6/2016. 


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