We all own multiple devices today. We have our cell phones with us everyday because how can we all survive without our cell phones? There are other devices that we use on a daily basis that aren’t nearly as easy to take with us as our phones—devices like iPads.

In 2000, Scott Jordan founded SCOTTeVEST as a way to make it easier and more secure to move around with our devices. He is known by many as “Pocket Man,” because of his contributions to the fashion/tech world. SCOTTeVEST has experienced tremendous success in its relativity short amount of time in existence.

I spoke with Scott Jordan at Silicon Valley Comic Con and we discussed the success of his company.

Can you talk a little bit about the early days of SCOTTeVEST? What the company was like starting out.

We started with eVEST 1.0. It was on the basis of a travel vest/fishing vest with lots of pockets on the exterior. We incorporated wires and clothing as a patent. SCOTTeVEST started as a proof of concept and it developed as a full line of clothing. We were the first clothing brand to start on the internet.

How much has SCOTTeVEST evolved over the past 16 years?

We started with just one product and just one employee, me. It went to 50 products and we have now sold millions of dollars worth of products. We have licensed the concept to Ralph Lauren, Under Armour and North Face. We have a contrarian view on embedding electronics into clothing. It’s my feeling that clothing should house the electronics. You don’t want your clothing company to be embedding sensors into textiles—I have been saying that for years.

What were you doing before you started SCOTTeVEST?

I was a lawyer and I hated practicing law. I tried to move into business and everyone saw me as just a lawyer. I came up with this concept with my wife (Laura Jordan), who is the president and co-founder of SCOTTeVEST. We formed this as a way to escape a miserable career. I wrote a book, Pocket Man: The Unauthorized Autobiography of a Passionate Personal Promoter, that’s all about following your passion.

What made you decide to bring SCOTTeVEST to the very first Comic Con in Silicon Valley?

We are excited we got to come out to Comic Con. Steve Wozniak (SVCC creator) is on my board of advisors and he’s a friend. Steve wears our stuff everywhere he goes. Our stuff is the clothing of geeks.

You can learn more about SCOTTeVEST and purchase items here.


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    This is Gavin from SCOTTeVEST! Thank you so much for writing this piece out! Hope you had fun at SVCC. Cheers!

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    Head over to for a special sale that goes from this Friday till Monday at midnight MT!

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