stndrd Style: SeaVees 7 Eye Trail Boot


As we get older, our closet begins to go through a transitional phrase. After a while, men stop focusing on quantity and focus more on quality, especially when it comes to our shoes. In fact, when we break it down, men only need three types of shoes. These include your weekend sneakers, dress shoes, a pair of boots and maybe a pair of slippers. And for this brutal winter, no footwear company will have you prepared like SeaVees. Founded in 1964, SeaVees continues to use inspiration from 1960’s California culture with a modern casual touch to connect with a youthful audience. Influenced from California roots, the 7 Eye Trail boot pays homage to the boots worn during the Olympic Games at Squaw Valley in the 1964. One great thing about leather boots is the many style options to choose from when it comes to your outfit. Of course, denim is the obvious choice when it comes to wearing boots. However, you can also opt for a pair of wool dress pants or fitted khaki’s to keep it office friendly. And, just because boots are rugged, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a lumberjack every time you head out. The great thing about these boots is you can easily dress it up for a formal look (with a dress shirt, herringbone jacket, and overcoat), as you can for a casual fit (cardigan sweater, t-shirt, and leather jacket). This winter, invest in a pair of boots, which will not only help you survive old man winter, but survive it comfortably. The 7 Eye Trail boot comes with a price tag of $198 USD, and can be purchased here.

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