Shopping List: Zak Designs

Zak Designs brings the biggest characters from popular culture to your home with their collection of licensed mugs and banks. You can see more of their collection here.

Press Release: 

Sometimes flat isn’t sufficient. Some heroes and villains are larger than life and need more than just 2D artwork to celebrate their stature which is why Zak Designs has launched a new line of sculpted mugs and banks that bring those iconic characters to life like never before.

Made from high quality ceramic, Zak’s collection of sculpted mugs and banks feature full 3D renderings of some of the most popular characters of yesterday and today. Each mug and bank is meticulously sculpted from dolomite then hand-painted for an added touch of realism.

The sculpted mugs and coin banks are sold separately as well as in sets and are packaged in giftable boxes to make it easy to give to those fans who can never seem to get enough of their favorite characters.

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