The Big Idea Issue: Star Wars & The Princess

This article appears in our “The Big Idea Issue,” which is on stands now. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there lived a man who had the creativity, the talent, and the balls to create a legacy that would span decades. He built a cinematic empire straight out of his imagination that has bridged the gap between pop culture, counter culture, and even mainstream culture. But it’s not over yet—in December, George Lucas will pass the torch to Disney for the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, Episode 7: The Force Awakens. To celebrate, we’re sharing our favorite big ideas from this remarkable series.


In English, Leia means “meadow.” But we think this is also interchangeable with “badass.”

According to the Star Wars Databank—Princess Leia Organa [Skywalker] was one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest leaders, fearless on the battlefield and dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Empire.

She would basically would fit right in, and be tight with Rosa Parks. Or Joan of Ark. Even Arya Stark (see what we did there—everyone loves a good rhyme).

Leia was the OG (original gal) for setting the stage, or screen rather, for the ideal female heroine in popular cinema. She was just an ordinary lady, from a long time ago, that lived in a galaxy far, far away, that was willing to face danger, demise, and despair to do what was right for the common good. What have you done lately? We bet you don’t even recycle.


Leia was not genetically equipped with any superpowers, but she did have super moves. She couldn’t fly, but she flew. She wasn’t super strong, but she had super strength. She couldn’t walk through walls, but she broke them down. She couldn’t shoot lasers out her eyes, but you bet she could shoot a blaster.

She had the inner drive to do what was right, the gumption to take initiative, and make moves (she also knows how to rock a metal bikini). She basically took what she had and made it work. This is why she is our female role model numero uno. She doesn’t have to be saved, she’s brave, has clout, and inadvertently spawned a hair trend. There are countless attributes that make Leia an ideal role model, in addition to being really, really cool. But we saved you some time and picked out our top ten reasons why Leia rocks:

  • She is a princess (what little girl doesn’t want to grow up to be a princess?)
  • She is a member of the Imperial Senate (political goals)
  • She is a spy for the Rebel Alliance (career goals)
  • Her twin bro is a Jedi (talk about coming in handy)
  • Is kind to droids (robots have feelings too)
  • She falls in love with an outlaw (total street cred)
  • Resists revealing pertinent information despite being tortured (tough as nails)
  • Helps destroy the Death Star, twice (just felt so nice she did it twice)
  • Keeps calm and carries on when she finds out that her father is the tyrant behind the Galactic Empire (like an emotional steel trap)
  • Does all of the above while looking super awesome (self-explanatory)

But we love Leia most of all for her big idea—be good, do good and kick some evil ass. Leia is simple; she has no hidden agenda, but rather one main objective—take down the Empire. Which she does, with style, class and sass.

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