stndrd Style: 4 Releases You Can’t Have


It’s been a bizarre year for fashion with all the heavy releases and collaborations that made the internet and social media go nuts. People were camping out by their computers and around the block to get their hands on the products. With this much hype around the holidays, we wanted to break down four Xmas items that won’t be on your Xmas list this year (unless you have a rich uncle of course and in that case sky is the limit).


Supreme x Air Jordan Collection

One of the most hyped and sought out sneaker releases this year goes to Jordan and Supreme hands down. The dynamic duo teamed up for a three color-way release that had every hype beast patiently waiting by their computer with their finger on the mouse. Like most Supreme items, these products didn’t last long but when you bring the hype of Jordan into the mix they move even faster. And if the sneakers weren’t enough the two brands also released an apparel collection to compliment the release and to maybe soften the blow for those who couldn’t snag a pair of the kicks. The apparel collection included a hooded varsity jacket, coach jacket, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodie and hats. If you still want this on your Xmas list you can always head over to eBay and find some resellers on there trying to make a quick buck. Just don’t expect the prices to be modest.

season 1

Kanye West x Adidas Yeezy Season 1

Kanye has been blessing his fans with more apparel than music this season but either way a gift is a gift right? Whether you’re a fan of Kayne’s vision or not you can’t ignore his influence and the impact he’s making with each collection. What’s causing pandemonium isn’t just the clothes but the price tag that comes with it. It’s hard to believe with prices ranging from $200 for a Camo t-shirt to $1,921 for a quilted jacket that people are still shelving out money by the boat load for the Season 1 release.


H&M x Balmain

Probably the most dramatic release of the year goes to fashion retailer H&M. When H&M does a collaborative release the hype is always intense but this Balmain release took the fashion retailer to another level. The full collection offered something for men and women while keeping the price as modest as possible for H&M customers. It also helps to have a Kardashian (Kendal to be exact) model for the official campaign. For all those reasons customers went ape shit when this collection was released in stores.


Adidas and the Yeezy’s 350 and 750

Kanye has said a lot of things in his numerous public rants but one thing that he said that he has kept true to was creating more product, something that seemed to be an issue over at Nike. After the divorce from the swoosh brand, Kanye and Adidas have wasted no time releasing footwear that has kept the internet buzzing and the lines forming around the block.


With every release the lines and hype seems to get crazier and crazier. Adidas has tried their best to manage the release with the “Confirmed” app that lets customers reserve a pair of shoes at select retailers but this system seems short lived due to the substantial amount of users. With Kanye and Adidas releasing the “Blackout” 750 Boost December 5th you still have a chance for a nice Christmas come up this holiday season.

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