Black Tuesday

Based in the Mile High city of Denver, CO, Black Tuesday is a design, fashion and music project founded by Matthew Reyer & Chris Incident. According to the founders, the Black Tuesday fashion label is a means for collaboration between designers, musicians and community, and through modern technology the goal is to ultimately establish these collaborations on an international level. Their mission: design and produce high quality basics for layering the everyday wardrobe, while promoting independent artists and musicians throughout the world. There are a lot of brands out there operating under this same type of ethos, but these guys are actually walking the walk. Check out our style guide above for how to rock their silk Bomber – hint: wear it with Chelsea boots – and check out their fall 2015 collection at to see more. You can also keep up with them on Instagram at, if for no other reason than a good ‘how-to’ guide to achieving that minimal layered look you always have wanted.

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