“Ready to Glow, Bro?”


At first glace, this monochromatic glider looks like a minimalistic version of its late 80’s predecessors. But take a closer look, and you’ll see that this is way sicker breh. This longboard breaks the mold by casting itself to riders of all ages and experience levels, while still looking really cool.

From Penny Australia (g’day mate!) comes this three foot long flex, no-slip gripped transport, ready to rock and let you #skatethere in style. It features 69mm wheels that provide excellent support, and a superior turning radius. Ready for the best part? Your inner child will delight in the fact that its deck, once charged up with UV rays, glows gloriously in the dark. So grab your longboard, catch some sun, and get ready to glow once the sun goes down.

Reasons why we love this board:

  1. The glow factor, duh (#escapethere, even when it’s pitch out)
  2. Good to go straight out of the box (no assembly required)
  3. Inlaid waffle top grip (delicious)
  4. Light & flexible (like your yoga instructor)
  5. This is the most fun workout we’ve tried in a long time (no one actually likes running)

So whether you’re traversing down a vacant parking garage late at night, or getting from point A to point B in one of the coolest ways possible, Penny has your back (and feet).

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