Made By You: Kenny Anderson


Kenny Anderson has been skateboarding for practically his entire life. His 30 plus years on a board has allowed him to become a true master of his craft. His smooth and graceful presence on a skateboard has brought him huge exposure and a significant sized following.

The talented athlete is far more than just an athlete and also has a company named, The Back Forty. Anderson along with Marc Johnson and Chris Roberts started the company as a way to cultivate their “ideas.”

Anderson is one of Converse’s most valued riders. The star skater has valued the Converse brand since his youth. “When I was younger all I skated in were Converse. I felt the most comfortable in them,” says Anderson.

We talked with Kenny Anderson about his love of skate, his style on a board and the challenges he faces today in regards to his craft.

What made you fall in love with skateboarding?

I guess it’s like any love.  It happened uncontrollably. I was so young that I just went with the natural feeling it brought me—the instant and sustained feeling. I have never felt anything like it and I became addicted to it.

Has your love for the sport altered over the years—as you have grown more successful and well known?

The one thing that I really had to overcome was my anxieties of being in front of people and people knowing who I was. That definitely altered the surface part of skateboarding for me. From time to time I got a little lost with why I was skating.

As far as the deep appreciation and love…it has only grown deeper with my growth. Skateboarding is an art form and it’s all about what it means to you. Not anybody else.


How would you describe your personal style on a board?

I don’t even have a perception of myself to describe. The only way I can describe myself is through feeling and I feel like I’m truly myself on a board.

Have you ever had a moment that made you fear for your life while skateboarding?

That’s one thing I learned right away—to let fear be a positive feeling. Turn it in to passion and hunger. Sometimes, I have no choice, fear just throws me off and I know it’s not the day to be skating. I’ve taken my hardest slams when I let fear be a negative thing. Then again…sometimes a few slams knock the fear right out of you.

Does skateboarding still challenge you physically and mentally after all these years?

Yes. Skating can never be mastered and never be won. If a trick comes too easy, sometimes I feel I haven’t challenged myself enough, so I find something new that does. Sometimes I do something that reminds me of why I skate. Most importantly, with all my experiences through skating, I just see the world differently now and I challenge myself in every aspect of my life. It’s a drug…a healthy drug…that changes everyday because our moods change everyday. That’s the most interesting part about it.


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