Made By You: Torreblanca


This article appears in our “Made By You” special edition issue—created in partnership with Converse.

Answers Provided By Juan Manuel

Can you talk briefly about how Torreblanca came together as a group?

We are children of the MySpace era. We started out uploading simple demos and also finding out about other new artists and their gigs. One thing led to another and a year later we found ourselves becoming part of that scene. Everything just happened naturally. We shared profiles there and we announced our first shows there too.

Does it ever become difficult to keep everyone happy when you are dealing with a creative partnership?

I believe it is very much like a marriage, but I don’t know for sure because I have never been married. Compromise, sacrifice, teamwork, group support, acceptance, loyalty… all of those things are present and more. We work hard to keep the communication healthy and to set goals that are higher than our individual desires. When it comes to music making—we try to let the song guide us. It’s always difficult to keep everyone happy. We all must work towards the survival of the group first. We try to keep the egos out of the room.


How was the band’s overall experience collaborating with Rubber Tracks? 

It has been so good! We’ve done a couple of things together, including studio recordings and shows. We hope there’s room for more collaboration in the future. The Rubber Tracks vision gets to my heart because it’s about breaking borders and boundaries. It’s about going against the stale currents, breaking the rules and finding your own rules along the way.

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