Made By You: The Suffers

This article appears in our “Made By You” special edition issue—created in partnership with Converse.

Answers Provided By Adam Castaneda (Band Founder And Bassist)

Where did the name, The Suffers, come from?

The name comes from the 1978 film, Rockers. It’s a fictional story about reggae studio musicians starring real reggae studio musicians. There’s a line in the film, “we all a sufferer.” We thought that was pretty cool so we started calling ourselves, The Sufferers. We found that this was somewhat strange to say so we shortened it to The Suffers. Check out the movie. It’s one of our favorites.

You guys are a large ensemble—how does everyone stay on the same page and organized?

It’s not always easy. Early on we decided to run certain aspects of the band similar to how business meetings are scheduled. We have set days for rehearsals and meetings. Those repeat every week and were decided years ago and do not change. Sometimes we just have to repeat ourselves and double check on people. That’s part of our working dynamic and we love it.

Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with Converse?

We met up with Converse during SXSW 2015 in Austin, TX. Amidst the chaos that is SXSW—we spent an afternoon in their Rubber Tracks studio recording a song. The Converse Rubber Tracks studio was like an oasis and everything was super chill. We hung out and made some music with the cool people there.

Were you a fan of the Converse Chuck Taylor before your SXSW experience with them?

I’ve owned multiple pairs since middle school. They’re not too sporty or dressy. They’re laid back in a way that blends easily with a lot of people. I don’t see myself ever not owning a pair.

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