Made By You: Anthony Val Verde


This article appears in our “Made By You” special edition issue—created in partnership with Converse.

Anthony Val Verde is a well-known fashion blogger that has reached a high level of recognition extremely quickly in the blogosphere. He shares what he views as new and exciting in the world of fashion on his blog. His fresh perspective and eye for what’s trending allowed him to form a relationship with one of his favorite fashion brands—Converse! “I seriously don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a pair of Chucks. It’s like living your life without water. You can’t do it,” says Anthony Val Verde.

What kinds of things inspire you?

Simplicity—things like road trips to Palm Springs and visits to downtown Los Angeles on a Sunday afternoon.

Why is fashion an important part of your life?

Fashion lets me show off my creative side without being held back.

In your estimation, what are some important things someone should keep in mind when crafting their own personal style?

Just be yourself. Start with the basics and have fun. No one can tell you how to feel and who to be.

Do you remember when you received your first pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers?

My mother bought me my first pair of hi tops when I entered the 7th grade. It’s funny because I am still wearing black hi-tops today. The classics never go out of style.

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