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It’s been a while since we’ve heard a record from Miguel over the airwaves. After taking a small hiatus—once he released Kaleidoscope Dream in 2012—Miguel has been locked in the studio working on a follow up. With a string of hits such as “Adorn,” “How Many Drinks” and “Do You,” Miguel single handily took over the R&B charts and ultimately won his first Grammy off the back of that album. Now with his newest release, Wildheart, his third studio album, we wanted to pay homage to the R&B singer and highlight some of his wardrobe successes over the years. Almost like our modern day Prince, Miguel has a style all of his own that blends perfectly with the street, punk rock edge that he flaunts effortlessly.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - DECEMBER 27: Miguel performs at UNO Lakefront Arena on December 27, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Rock Star Flare

Ripped up jeans, an inimitable black leather jacket and cool sunglasses is the uniform that you can catch Miguel in most of the time on while he’s out. Whether on stage or on a red carpet feeling on his beautiful girlfriend Nazanin Mandi, Miguel does a great job at keeping his style simple but full of intricate detail. The rock star style works for Miguel because it helps highlight his energy and rock star persona, especially when he’s on stage. If you don’t believe us, just ask the girl Miguel pile dived on during his Billboard performance in 2013. It was a performance even Mick Jagger would have been proud of.

red suit

Bright Suits

Being able to pull off a bright red suit is not an easy task unless you’re Miguel or Suge Knight. In an era where men’s fashion is becoming brighter, more ostentatious and louder-how can you pull off a bright suit without looking like a highlighter? Well here are a few tips to help you with that:

  • Wear colors according to your complexion. The darker the skin complexion the more color you can get away with.
  • Look for colors that complement and enhance your skin and eye color. If you’re looking to mix and match the colors, keep the colors in the family.
  • On the red carpet, Miguel does a great job at pulling off a red suit by following all of the rules we listed above. So take notes, fellas.

miguel hair

Having The Hairstyle

Even though this style tip may vary for everyone, having the right hair style to compliment your style is very important. Coming into the game with a shaved cut to completely giving his wardrobe a makeover with a fitting hairstyle to match, Miguel’s hairstyle has definitely set a heavy trend in the hipster community. Taking influence from the early 60’s, Miguel’s pompadour hair style goes perfectly with his casual RnB style and the cut has become synonymous with his signature style. Paying homage to the old school, while keeping it new, Miguel has definitely created a hair trend with his look.

over size tee

Oversized Garments

One trend that still seems to be hot is the oversized tees and Miguel always does a great job of making sure everything is layered properly every-time he sports an oversize top. Like we always preach when we talk about fashion, be sure to keep everything in proportion. If you attempt to pull this look off, pair the oversize t-shirt with slim or skinny jeans to really make it stand out. And keep the color ways simple like off-white, black and gray. Remember, this style is already a statement piece, so there’s no need for crazy accessories to sport with this look, a jean jacket or leather jacket will do.

So there you have it, four style traits we can learn from the R&B trendsetter himself. If you haven’t already, checkout his new album, Wildheart, that’s available on iTunes.


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