Made By You: Matty Vogel


This article appears in our “Made By You” special edition issue—created in partnership with Converse.

Matty Vogel is a successful photographer that travels the world shooting high profile musicians on the road, in the studio and anywhere else you can imagine. Being around so many influential artists and seeing so many fascinating parts of the world has allowed him to develop an interesting sense of fashion and style. His unique occupation and exposure to creativity throughout the world has made him a trusted partner of Converse.

What kinds of things inspire you?

Music is a huge inspiration for me. I’ve been a massive music fan since I was young. I don’t have the chops to play an instrument and I certainly can’t sing. Being a music photographer is as close to the action as I can get.

Why is fashion an important part of your life?

For my job—I have to be a fly on the wall a lot of the time. Comfort and functionality play into what I wear more than trends do.

In your estimation, what are some important things someone should keep in mind when crafting their own personal style? 

It should reflect what you do and who you are. As a photographer I try to blend into the background of everyday situations. I feel like my sense of style and the clothes I wear should reflect that mindset. I think those same principles can be applied to most other people and situations as well.

Why do you think the Converse Chuck Taylor has remained a fashion staple for so long? 

The Chuck Taylor is one of those indisputable classics in fashion. I bet you could find a picture of your grandpa wearing Chucks.


Photo by: Kyra Wennersten

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