Converse “Made By You” Special Edition Issue

back cover

Converse and the stndrd magazine have come together to create a special edition issue that celebrates the Chuck Taylor. Chucks are more than just a sneaker—they are a blank canvas for self-expression. Converse aims to inspire and enable people to be their true and authentic self. Each and every person that wears Chuck Taylors has their own style and personality. It might be crisp and clean, tattered and torn, or paint splattered and doodled on—but it’s still a reflection of you. Artists, cultural legends and everyday Converse supporters were asked to show off their own Chucks in an array of portraits—each portrait also features the signature of the wearer. This special edition issue includes interviews and images of Converse’s friends and collaborators as well as many of the portraits featured in the Made By You campaign.

The “Made By You” special edition issue will be on stands everywhere next week. 

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  1. JaJo Photography

    07/02/2015 at 6:09 pm

    Love Converse. Love the STNDRD mag.

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