Shopping List: NeoLev “Back To The Future 2” Hoverboard Set

It’s time for all the kids of the 80s to face the harsh reality that despite it being 2015 we aren’t getting actual Hoverboards anytime soon. It might be at least another 30 years until we can relive Marty’s Hoverboard escape from Cafe 80’s and the insane Griff Tannen.


Since we can’t have the real thing—the company NeoLev and have a very nice alternative. The Back to the Future Part 2 Miniature Hoverboard collection with 6” Dual Track Base is available now at!


I was lucky enough to receive the “Signature Series” edition from and it’s a fun way to relive everyone’s favorite scene from BTTF2. The Track Base comes with 5 different Hoverboards—including Marty McFly’s and the Pit Bull.


It’s definitely a must buy for anyone looking to add a little Back to the Future themed fun to their desk or BTTF collection.

The “Signature Series” features laser-engraved authentic signatures of Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and John Bell, they are individually numbered (1 of 488) and feature a certificate of authenticity.

You can learn more about the NeoLev Back To The Future Hoverboard set here and you can purchase it right now at

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