stndrd Style: ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky just released his critically acclaimed sophomore album, At.Long.Last ASAP, and it is receiving rave reviews. With guest appearances from M.I.A., Kanye West and Mos Def—ASAP spared no expense on getting the perfect guest features for this project and introducing new promising talent with his protégé Joe Fox. We wanted to step away from the music and focus on another passion of ASAP—and that is his fashion side. If you’re been following Rocky’s career you should be familiar with his love for designer clothes. Known to be caught in designer pieces from Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott and Raff Simmons—ASAP always does a great job of knowing how to mix both high end fashion with street-wear that somehow compliments each other. To celebrate his new release we want to break down Rocky’s four best style traits to date (which we know will change by tomorrow).

Layering Properly


Picking essential items to layer is an art and understanding the difference between layering and “just throwing shit together” is critical to your wardrobe’s success. The great thing about layering is it allows you to look good, be comfortable and stay warm at the same time. ASAP is no rookie when it comes to this—in fact it’s really one of his specialties. ASAP is no stranger to mixing the right fabrics, color combinations and accessories together. He does a good job of creating balance without creating clutter—which is very easy to do. If you don’t believe us take note from his outfit from fashion week to see how to pull this look off.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black


When in doubt wear black. In the early days ASAP always could be seen in his ASAP Mob signature hoodie or BLVCK SCVLE Funeral snapback. Now branching out to all black bomber jackets and Y-3 premium cotton tee’s—ASAP has managed to keep the styles the same while adding a few zeros to the price tag. While rocking all black you can always mix in a few colors to make it pop and coordinate with the fit while still keeping that minimalistic demeanor. After Kanye, I think ASAP might be a close second for always pulling off the all black look effortlessly. Besides being extremely convenient and simple, the all black look is always timeless and classic.

Hat Always Completes The Fit


Let’s be honest, not everyone can pull off hats to complete a fit. Every time Rocky steps out he has some type of headpiece to compliment what he’s wearing—whether it’s a Supreme 5 panel, his signature ASAP x Black Scale snapback or his distinguished Italian scarfs. What makes these accessories work for ASAP is how often he wears them and how he incorporates them with his wardrobe. They always add both class and sophistication to what ASAP is wearing. Wearing a hat is a great way to create a signature piece.

Keep Your Footwear Diverse


No stranger to the sneaker game—ASAP has been wearing heat on his feet since he broke through on the internet. In “Purple Swag” you can see ASAP sporting a pair of Jeremy Scott’s 2.0 while riding through Harlem. A few years later, Rocky got the chance to actually collaborate with the fashion designer on a pair of the Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 “Black Flag” that of course sold out in no time. Not just limited to Adidas, Rocky can be seen wearing Jordan retro 4’s to Mason Mariela’s as he maneuvers through fashion week. A great lesson we can all learn from Rocky’s footwear is to keep it diverse. You should be able to have shoes you can break out that are both low and high end. Remember that shoes say a lot about a man so make sure your footwear is saying the right things while you’re out in the streets!

We hope this ASAP Rocky style guide helps you on the path to be that jiggy person you always knew you could be. One of the few artists that are always looking to push the boundaries in both music and fashion, Rocky is definitely one to keep an eye on.



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