‘Alternate Endings’

This is an Extended Version of the ‘Alternate Endings’ lookbook from our ‘Icon Issue’. Pick up a copy of our ‘Icon Issue’ to see the original version of ‘Alternate Endings.’ 



Trevor / Suit, G-Star

T-shirt, Matiere


Zac / Suit, Versace

T-shirt, Matiere

Boots, Doc Martens

Chris / Button-Down, Early Morning Rebel

Pants, Timo Weiland


Trevor / Suit, Henrik Vibskov

Tank, Rick Owens


Zac / Hat, Etudes

Jacket, G-Star

Tank, Damir Doma

6Chris / Cardigan, Chapter

Button-down, Mareunrol’s

Shorts, Vince


Zac / Hat, Etudes

Jacket, G-Star

Tank, Damir Doma


Chris / Button-down, Chapter

Denim, Custom Chapter


Zac / Button-down, Early Morning Rebel

Pants, Shaun Samson

Boots, Broken Homme

Trevor / T-shirt, G-Star

Pants, G-Star

Boots, Clarks



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