stndrd Style: Memorial Day Fashion

Memorial Day is finally here and that means adios spring (as if it ever came) and hello summer. With the pools officially open, grills lit and filled with charcoal—what will you wear this Memorial Day weekend? Not to worry, we at the stndrd magazine have got you covered with a few style inspirations to start the season off right.

polo shirt

Summer Polo

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to ditch the black tees for something more casual and cooler. The polo shirt is the perfect shirt for both casual and formal occasions because it can be dressed up or down for any situation…and we do mean any situation. Paired great with khakis shorts, skinny chinos and jeans (with rolled up cuffs for extra flare)—the polo shirt is a staple that can be worn all year around and especially for the summer. Because it’s the summer, be bold and use this opportunity to incorporate some bright colors like neon green, turquoise blue and deep red.

Khaki Shorts 

You’ve been waiting all season to give your favorite pair of denim a break and now you can finally break out the kneecaps after you put lotion on them. When opting for shorts, keep a few things in mind. When sporting a pair of shorts remember to keep the length short enough that your knees are exposed, especially if you’re wearing khaki shorts for a semi-casual look. The rules vary when it comes to denim, running, and hiking shorts. When it comes to the fit, always keep them slim and fitted to keep your outfit in proportion-baggy khaki shorts with a fitted shirt looks ill-fitting and makes you look like you’re losing weight in all of the wrong places. For a preppy look, add a colorful canvas belt for that extra pop.

boat shoes

Boat Shoes

So, wearing open toe sandals and crocs to show off those manicured toes isn’t your thing? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. That’s why boat shoes might be a better option. Luckily you don’t have to own a boat to appreciate a pair of Sperry’s boat shoes. Let’s face it, with all of the activities during the warmer days (graduation, beach week, 4th of July), I’m sure you would prefer wearing a pair of shoes that are going to support your feet, be comfortable, and look good at the same time. All of that is possible if you invest in a pair of Sperry boat shoes. Besides being comfortable, they’ve got great color ways to match anything you have in your closet—even those ugly Hawaiian shirts your girlfriend hates so much.

Extra accessories

fedora hat

Summer Hat

Straw fedoras are the perfect hat to break out because of the light material. They allow air to circulate and keep you cool. They pair great with button ups, tank tops and summer blazers. You can match this hat with anything and make it look good.


Summer Timepiece

Thinking about spicing up your accessory game this season while still keeping it moderate? Then it’s time to get your hands on the Timex Weekender Slip thru watch. This time piece features a nylon strap that fits snugly around your wrist, a nightlight for easy viewing in low light areas and a durable stainless steel case. Kill time with this decorative timepiece on your wrist.

Memorial Day is the official day of summer style. Make sure to start the season on a high note. With all the festivities to attend this summer, you can never go wrong showing up in these seasonal favorites. 


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