Shervin Roohparvar


Photos by William Callan 

Grooming by Patrick Chai 

Shervin Roohparvar is one of everyone’s favorite characters on Shahs Of Sunset. He’s ambitious, has swagger, and is seemingly levelheaded amidst the sea of whirlwind emotions that make this show one of our guilty pleasures. We talk with Shervin about what it’s been like to be in the media spotlight, how the show has furthered his appreciation for his culture, and how much cooler his car collection is than ours.

How would you describe Shahs of Sunset in one sentence?

Shahs of Sunset is the epitome of “What you see is what you get.”— A true example of Reality TV, and for a first-timer like myself, it was a hell of an experience.

How would you define your “character” on the show?

My character is the voice of reason. This is who I am, opposite of what traditionally makes reality television so enticing, but I have always had zero tolerance for drama. I’m famous for saying: ‘if your problem is that significant, then let nothing stop you until you find a solution. If not, then shut up!’

Being this “voice of reason” amidst the chaos and outrageous moments that occur on Shahs, do you feel like the show has helped you define yourself and your role within your community?

I wasn’t always the voice of reason. Having faced the consequences of my past rash decisions allowed for some lifelong lessons to be engraved into my memory. Having this persona on Shahs has so far been very well received by the viewing community. The viewers have someone with a less dramatic personality that they can relate to on the show.

Has being on the show furthered your pride in your culture?

Since childhood I have been very proud of my Persian descent. In high school I was one of the founders of our Persian Club and stayed very active throughout college as well. Being on the show has allowed me to portray another type of “Persian” to the general community. I’m honored and humbled to have the opportunity to demonstrate the values that are instilled in us from centuries old Persian traditions.

It’s no secret you have classy taste. What is one of your favorite possessions?

I have always worked hard, so obtaining material possessions has been more about meeting checkpoints of financial growth through the journey of my career. I’ll reward myself with a new suit, preferably Tom Ford, or a nice watch. Or of course one of my true passions, an exotic car—a sure way to put a smile on my face is a brisk drive down the freeway in a bright yellow V-12 Lamborghini.


What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

My biggest guilty pleasure is sweets. I’m always dieting and watching what I eat, but every once in a while all I want to do is get a shopping cart full of sweets and spend the night gorging in front of the TV.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs or those looking to become successful within the business world?

Don’t chase money—that shouldn’t be your objective. Instead follow what you are passionate about and don’t let failures discourage you. The best lessons in life are learned through failures. When you follow your passion and allow yourself to learn from failure, then money will follow.

Anything you can share with us to look forward to on the show?

This is the season of love—Mike’s engagement, MJ’s new man, GG’s hot first date and Reza’s wedding. But be prepared for a very interesting twist as we approach the Season 4 finale.

This article was written by Amy Vosters and you can learn more about her here and here.

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