stndrd Style: How To Upgrade Your Suit

There’s nothing like wearing a well-tailored suit, but what’s even better is discerning how to get the most out of that suit. By simply implementing a few important accessories, you can easily turn that good suit into a great suit. We at the stndrd broke down three accessories every man should have in his closet to transform his style one suit at a time.

Pocket Square

Your pocket square is like your wingman, it entices attention your way while making you look fastidious! Upgrading a suit with a pocket square can add the elegant flare that you want while still keeping it simple, but with the pocket square comes a few rules that you should keep in mind.

pocket square


The pocket square is an accessory piece that adds that “pop” to your outfit that plays against your shirt and tie instead of matching with it. When matching the pocket square, aim for a specific color in your tie, especially if you’re wearing a multicolored tie—but don’t make it too conspicuous. If you’re wearing a jacket without a dress shirt, for a more casual fit, then just focus on a pocket square that complements your shirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colorful polka dot and paisley design pocket squares, its spring and it’s the perfect season to play with color. The great thing about wearing a pocket square is the many folding options you have to wear, but we will just highlight a few that you should try out for your next night on the town.


If you’ve watched Mad Men, then you have probably seen this pocket square fold worn by Don Draper a few times. Most aptly styled with cotton or linen, the square fold is the perfect style for formal events and just makes your outfit look extra dapper. Perfect accessory for pin striped suits.


The most common and easiest pocket square look to pull off is the puff. This look is perfect for silk and wool material. The great thing about the puff is that you can pull it off for a formal or casual look. Even though the puff looks easy, there is a technique to folding it to get that round perfect puff design.


Similar to the puff, the winged puff pocket style is folded at an angle that just exposes the top.

Tie Bar

I know adding a tie bar may be something you’ve once seen your old man sport in his hay day, but tie bars have made an aggressive come back over the years. Again, something as simple as a tie bar can really upgrade your suit and make you red carpet worthy. Here are a few rules for the bar.

tie clip


If you’re wearing a tie bar, keep in mind that the tie bar should NEVER be wider than the tie. Wearing a tie bar that extends beyond the width of your tie is a fashion no, no. When it comes to suits, you must keep everything in proportion and that also applies to your accessories.


When wearing a tie bar, placement is very essential. A rookie mistake most people make is placing the tie bar too high, which can definitely ruin your whole look. Even worse is when you place it too low and nobody can see it—which really defeats the point of wearing one. Always try to aim for the third and fourth buttons of your shirt to create that balance.


I know we live in an age where everybody wants to be different at every moment, but we promise nothing good will ever come from you wearing your tie bar at any angle. Of course, while mingling and mixing your clip might get turned and moved around, but always straighten your tie clip and make sure your zipper is always zipped. Sound simple enough? Great!


As men we are often limited to how we wear jewelry compared to the endless options women have, but one jewelry piece every man should own with a decent suit is a pair of cufflinks. Worn with shirts with double cuffs—also known as French Cuffs—cufflinks can transform your suit or tuxedo with the flick of the wrist. Literally.



Just like we delineated before, accessories are here to complement and draw attention without taking away from the overall outfit. With that being said, when looking for cufflinks—always start with a simple classic pair of cuffs. Wearing loud and tacky cufflinks may not be appropriate when dressing for a wedding or business meeting. So save the tawdry Mickey Mouse cuffs for your kid’s graduation.


Since cufflinks are almost always worn at formal events, never wear a pair of cufflinks without a tie. Those two items go hand in hand and should always be worn together. When it comes to ties paired with cufflinks, you can never go wrong with a silk tie.


Cuff links are great statement pieces. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with enamel designs or a semi-precious stone. Much like the pocket square, cufflinks are great conversation pieces that tell a lot about your personality without you even saying a word. And who knows, it could be the one accessory that helps you cuff something else on your arm…if you catch my drift.

Now that we broke down three simple accessories that can upgrade your suit, go out and put it to work! Accessories are like fire—it can help you if used the right a way or burn you if used incorrectly. So go out and set the city on fire with your style.


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