Spring Hat Guide

With spring finally among us—it’s time to pack away our winter beanies and break out the spring accessories. Since the beginning of time, hats have been pieces to represent a man’s social status, religion or profession. We will break down four hats every man should have in their closet to be ready for the warmer days and to help you look cool while keeping you cool.

Baseball Cap

If you never played a season of baseball growing up then you must have had a cruddy childhood. But you don’t need the experience of little league to discover the purpose of having a great baseball cap. A great baseball cap is like your favorite pair of jeans—it looks best when worn and broken in. Reserved for casual wear—we do not recommend you pair this accessory with a suit. Instead, pair it with a jean jacket, a solid tee or a fitted hoodie. Also, get rid of that sticker that comes with the hat and sits on the visor.

baseball cap 1

Ivy Cap

Looking for a nice headpiece to wear on your next cafe date for a more sophisticated look? Then the Ivy cap is the hat you need. Gaining popularity in England back in the 19th century the Ivy cap, also known as the driving cap, made it’s way to America from the Irish immigrants and like they say the rest is history. Traditionally, Ivy caps are made from wool or tweed with a small brim in the front. Becoming a staple piece in the hipster community, Ivy caps are hats that can be dressed up or down. Paired great with oxford shirts and blazers for formal wear, you can also wear it with denim button ups and striped tee’s for a more casual fit. The Ivy cap is a great spring cap to have in rotation.

ivy cap


Fedora hats have come back with a vengeance—thanks to trendsetters like Burno Mars and Pharrell Williams. What better season to get with the wave than spring? Fedora hats are great pieces that can add plenty of flare to your outfit. They pair perfectly with button ups, jean jackets and even polo’s. Pretty much anything goes with this accessory piece. Depending on how loose or tight you like your hats will determine the size you will want to go for. But besides looking great, Fedora hats definitely come in handy to keep you cool. Why do you think Don Draper looks so cool when he leaves the office? Exactly.

fedora 3

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are great for style and functionality purposes. Designed to keep you dry during the unpredictable may showers, bucket hats are typically made from heavy-duty cotton fabric such as denim or canvas. Not just limited to fishermen, bucket hats have been worn by everyone from Elton John to LL Cool J. No longer do you have to be lost at sea like Gilligan to wear a bucket hat. Matching nicely with polo shirts, pocket T-shirt or a button up—your bucket hat is the perfect companion to have on a sunny day at the beach or any sunny day for that matter.

bucket hat

We hope this guide helps you on your hat journey as we say adios to old man winter. Spring is a season for new life, new opportunity and new style so re-awake your closet starting with your cap.

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