Shopping List: Hot Wheels Back To The Future DeLorean 1:50

Can you ever have too many toy DeLoreans modeled after the time machine from Back To The Future? The answer is probably no—especially if you are a hardcore Back to the Future fanatic. Hot Wheels has been on a true hot streak of late when it comes to bringing awesome versions of everyone’s favorite time machine to fan’s shelves. The Mattel Elite Back To The Future Time Machine Die-Cast 1:50 is another gem from Hot Wheels. A lot of the bigger model Time Machines from the toy company Mattel can be on the expensive side. This version retails for under $10 and is definitely worth every penny in terms of quality and detail. The price point makes it an easy purchase for anyone looking to add a DeLorean to their collection that won’t hurt their bank account too much. Another cool thing about this 1:50 scaled Time Machine is the window box packaging it comes in. The DeLorean can be displayed outside its package or in—and it will be eye catching either way. You can purchase the Mattel Hot Wheels Elite Back To The Future Time Machine Die-Cast 1:50 now from our good friends at

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