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The Princess Bride is easily one of the most memorable films released in the 1980s. The timeless fairy tale story was directed by Rob Reiner, written by William Goldman and produced by Norman Lear. The film starred Robin Wright, Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest.

Actor Carey Elwes was also a part of the cast and played the part of the protagonist, and love interest of the Princess Bride, Westley. Elwes’ time working on the film was so memorable for him that he decided to write a memoir that chronicles his experiences working on the project. As You Wish provides fans with never before told stories and behind the scene tidbits from the making of the classic romantic adventure.

We spoke to Carey Elwes about his new book, As You Wish.

What made you decide to write this book?

I kept getting asked by fans what my experience was like working on the film. I thought the best way to answer those questions was to put them into a format that everyone could read. Norman Lear helped me a lot with the book. He gave me call sheets from the film and said when I looked at them it would jog my memory. He was right, when I looked at the call sheets I could remember a lot. It was very helpful.

What makes The Princess Bride so special for you personally?

It’s one of those films that become more popular as the years pass. Everyone involved feels lucky to have been a part of it. We worked very hard on it. We were very focused. We had a pretty small budget by today’s standards. It was a big production but it was a lot of fun.

How did you get the part of Westley in the film?

When I first read the script I thought it was brilliant. I met with Rob Reiner in Berlin—I was making a film out there. He came to Berlin and he had me audition in my hotel room. Rob was wonderful. He was a lot of fun.

The Princess Bride is still greatly beloved today and has a large fan base. Do you think Hollywood will ever try to remake the film at some point?

For years Bill Goldman tried to write a sequel for it but just couldn’t lick it, according to him. I don’t foresee a remake happening. I think the film stands up today really well. If they did remake it today they would use a ton of CGI—it would be a different movie after all of that.

As You Wish is available now wherever books are sold! Including Amazon

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