Melissa Rauch

The Big Bang Theory

Actress Melissa Rauch is an intricate part of one of television’s most successful shows ever, The Big Bang Theory! Her role as Bernadette Rostenkowski is definitely one of the more notable aspects of the long running sitcom. The feisty character is known best for her memorable and distinctive voice. “People are often surprised that I don’t talk like Bernadette. Sometimes people think they recognize me, but then they hear my voice and decide they have the wrong person,” says Melissa. She is a fan of Hollywood’s past and often turns to it for motivation. “I’ve always found great inspiration in old movies. It’s interesting to see how they’ve influenced today’s work.”

What do you consider to be the best part about your job as an actress? 

Acting has always been my passion, so getting to do a job that fills me with so much happiness is such a blessing. I feel extremely fortunate that going to work is something that I get excited for everyday.

What aspect of the acting process is most challenging for you personally? 

So much is out of your control as an actor as far as getting hired. I could not be more appreciative of my job on The Big Bang Theory. There were plenty of years where I was frantically looking for acting work while working as a waitress.

Athletes often talk about being in a “zone.” Is there any “zone” type feeling an actor or actress can sometimes find? 

An actor is in “the zone” when listening and reacting.  We film The Big Bang Theory in front of a live audience so if you are not giving it your all, the audience will feel it if you’re not connected.

What is it like to be a part of one of the biggest television shows ever? 

It’s an incredible experience. The success of Big Bang is really due to the incredible writing. Getting to work on scripts as beautifully crafted as those that our writers turn out consistently is the best possible scenario for an actor.

What other projects do you have upcoming? 

My husband and I wrote a movie called The Bronze. We just finished shooting it this past summer. I play a Bronze Medalist whose life stalled completely after her moment of glory. I am excited to share it with everyone.

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