Shopping List: “Back to the Future 2” Hot Wheels Time Machine

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2015 is a huge year for the Back to the Future trilogy. The original film opened in 1985 and it is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. 2015 also holds a special place within the film series’ mythology due to the first sequel having such a large part of its story unfolding during 2015. There are a lot of big things planned for ‘15 to help celebrate this special time for one of cinema’s most beloved franchises.

Mattel is getting into the BTTF celebration by releasing the Mattel Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future Part 2 Time Machine. The 1:18 scaled die-cast DeLorean is quite possibly the best representation the iconic DeLorean Time Machine has had in a toy/model form yet. The attention to detail throughout the die-cast car is remarkably impressive. The exterior of the Time Machine is a perfect replica that includes opening doors and an opening hood—it even has a small replica Mr. Fushion placed on top the car. Mattel even added a bonus Hoverboard to truly make this piece something singular. The futuristic skateboard is in-scale with the DeLorean and includes Mattel branding on its design.

I personally own several versions of the beloved Time Machine and this 1:18 scaled version from Hot Wheels has quickly become my favorite. The accuracy and details of the car are far superior to any toy DeLorean I own or have seen on the market. Pictures truly don’t do this Hot Wheels car justice. It honestly looks and feels like a miniature version of an actual DeLorean and that is in no way an exaggeration of its quality.

If you are a fan of Back to the Future, or of the time traveling DeLorean, the Mattel Hot Wheels Elite Back to the Future Part 2 Time Machine 1:18th scaled die cast DeLorean is definitely worth picking up! Be sure to purchase one today from right here.

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