“Suicide Squad”: A Possible Suicide Mission For DC

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DC Entertainment recently made some huge announcements regarding their Suicide Squad film that opens in 2016. Batman v. Superman is the company’s big cinematic gun for 2016, but Squad made quite a splash with the announcement of its cast. Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto have joined the film that focuses on super villains that are forced to become heroes.

The mindset of DC Entertainment is very similar to that of a young child around the Christmas season that can’t wait to open their gifts. Basically, DC lacks patience and has zero chill. It’s obvious who DC is in competition with and who their shooting for with these bold choices. The problem with their strategy is they seem to view Marvel Films as a competitor rather than something to emulate. DC and Marvel both have a large roster of superheroes at their disposal, but just attaching a lot of famous actors with comic book characters does not mean a film will then turn into a hit.

Marvel’s cinematic universe started slowly and they built their world in a very calculated way. The Iron Man, Captain America and Thor film franchises were able to live on their own before the title characters were thrown into The Avengers series. Marvel has become the envy of every film studio around and their ability to put their roster of superheroes in different films with their “shared universe” approach has film executives salivating.

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DC has tried to set up a shared universe in the past, but it never seemed to fully materialize for them. That ineptitude was largely related to poor planning and poor filmmaking. Those past missteps have now resulted in what appears to be utter panic on the part of DC Entertainment. They seem to be so determined to get a piece of what Marvel has achieved that they are throwing every thing they have into the fray.

The Suicide Squad cast is definitely an impressive one—Will Smith as Deadshot, Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker is nothing to take lightly. But, it seems like a real challenge to develop all those characters successfully in one film. The Marvel way is to give each character a solo project first and to develop their backstory before submerging them into a larger ensemble project. The choice by DC Entertainment to bypass character development shows they want to make big money fast.


With all the talent involved, there is no reason to believe Suicide Squad can’t be a successful film. It just seems odd that DC wouldn’t imitate the great success of Marvel by duplicating their release strategy. What Marvel has accomplished is a miracle and to try and achieve what they have in any other way than they did it—seems like a hard road to go down. If DC Entertainment can reach the level of success Marvel has with their current strategy—they will have also accomplished a miracle.

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