Chris Rock For “New York Magazine”


“My kids grew up not only with a black president but with a black secretary of State, a black joint chief of staff, a black attorney general. My children are going to be the first black children in the history of America to actually have the benefit of the doubt of just being moral, intelligent people.”

Chris Rock recently conducted an interview with Frank Rich for New York Magazine and The thought provoking piece contains Rock’s usual hilarity and singular insight. The pair cover everything from the recent Bill Cosby scandal to the legacy of President Barack Obama. You can read the entertaining piece here.

The comedian has been pretty visible in the media as of late while promoting his new movie—Top Five. Rock hasn’t had the most memorable film career—and he is pretty honest and open about that. Top Five looks like it could be the star’s break out cinematic project. Early reviews have been glowing for the comedy that also stars Rosario Dawson and Kevin Hart. Top Five was written and directed by its star—Chris Rock. The film opens December 12th.

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