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Omar Miller and Andres Izquieta have a new 6 part original series, called Weekend Fix, which premiered October 29th on the Esquire Network. The pair hit cities across the USA and Canada with no real plan or strategy during their stay. They try to have as much fun as possible for the 48 hours they spend in each city by hitting up each destinations hottest spots. Those hot spots could be a restaurant, hotel or an off the wall locale.

Omar Miller has made a name for himself in the entertainment world by acting in well-known projects like CSI: Miami. Andres Izquieta is one of the top fashion designers and entrepreneurs around.

We got the chance to speak with Andres Izquieta about his new project, Weekend Fix. You can learn more about Izquieta fashion career at He also has a unique fashion website called “The Five Four Club is a fashion subscription service for men that delivers a selection of clothing directly to members’ doorsteps each and every month. With club member packages tailored to each individual’s unique style profile…Five Four makes looking great as effortless as opening the mail,” says Izquieta.

Andres Izquieta has also given our readers a chance to get something special when they join by simply entering the code, STNDRD, for a free gift their first month of joining the club.

Can you talk a little bit about what viewers can expect from Weekend Fix

Weekend Fix is a lot of fun and you’ll see that on screen. You’ve never seen a show like this on television—yet it’s relevant to today’s society. We show you on screen how we search and discover everything from food to culture—all while being on the move as we spend only 48 hours in each city.

I engage with my laptop, iPad and phone while watching TV—which can be distracting. We brought that type of thought process to how the show actually looks on screen and we will have you hooked for the entire 30 minutes. Lastly, Weekend Fix moves so fast on screen that you’ll stay immersed the entire time. I’m a big fan of fast moving content. I get bored very easily while watching documentary style television. We wanted something that moved fast and that was relevant to how today’s modern audiences watch TV. We cover around 7-12 scenes per episode in just 30 minutes.

What kind of person are you hoping the show can make a connection with? 

The show has a very broad reach due to the nature of the content. What’s special about this show is that it reaches the viewer that doesn’t usually watch TV. The kind of person that only consumes entertainment via the Internet—this show relates to that viewer and will get them to watch TV again. Also, the modern traveler will love this show. It truly is like nothing you’ve seen before, and for many people it can end up serving as a how-to-guide for travel.

You are known as a world traveler. Why is traveling so often important to you? 

It’s definitely where I find the most inspiration. I’ve learned a lot about myself via travel and at times it has definitely tested me to my extreme limit. Also, learning about other cultures has made me more of a global citizen. Learning about others food, traditions and everyday life has helped improve my full scope of everything around me and adversely benefitted my personal day-to-day life.

You can learn more about Andres Izquieta on Twitter and Instagram (@andresizquieta) here.



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