WCW: Rachel Ann Mullins

Photo Credit: Jose Luis

Styling by: Cote D’OR Swim

Actress/Model Rachel Ann Mullins is originally from Detroit. She has been living in Los Angels for 6 years now. You can learn more about Rachel Ann Mullins here.

How do you stay in such tremendous shape? 

I’m a huge fan of the Paleo Diet. I abhor chemicals in food. One of my hobbies is making my own condiments. I also enjoy outdoor exercise.

Do you find time to go out and have a social life?

I have the time…but I’m a serious homebody. The thought of having to leave my pool and put on pants is just too much to bear most of the time. I make it one of my monthly goals to spend time with friends.

What kind of things do you do for fun? 

Knit, crochet and watch British television shows. I’m also a freak for reading news stories all day.

Is there any place in the world that you would like to visit that you haven’t yet? 

I’ve been all over Europe, Central America and Asia—I would like to visit my friend in South Africa.

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