Captain America v Iron Man?


DC puts their two biggest superheroes against each other in 2015 when Superman battles Batman on the big screen. That move by DC is thought to be their way of getting themselves into the cinematic game in a big way—a cinematic game that right now is being dominated by Marvel. Marvel now looks to extend that dominance by having Captain America and Iron Man face off in a story that right now is rumored to be ripped from the Marvel comic pages and focus on the “Civil War” storyline. Captain America 3 with it’s rumored plot of hero versus hero definitely steals a little thunder from the “uniqueness” of Batman v Superman. Marvel also has the advantage of putting two heroes against each other on screen that fans have been familiar with for years now. Everyone on planet earth is aware of Batman and Superman—but the incarnations that will battle in movie theaters in 2016 aren’t as familiar to film audiences as Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America. The one advantage Superman v Batman does have is it opens in March of 2016 while Captain America 3 opens in May of that year. You can learn more about this story here.

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