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In celebration of all things horror for the month of October we will be doing some rad horror related giveaways on our Instagram and Twitter (@thestndrd). Be sure to follow us for your chance to win!

This week we will be giving away two Funko POP! figures that were provided by I also had a chance to chat with Kristoff Bates, owner of, about selling all things horror.

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How did Horrormerch get its start? 

The Horrormerch site came to full fruition in 2005. I had been selling merchandise from large movie franchises (Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.) along with my old clothing lines from 1997-2005. But, as connections to the various directors and studios was becoming stronger and with a push from some close friends…it was just a matter of time before I switched gears to make it a full time job!

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of modern, cult and underground cinema—so it was pretty natural for me to switch gears once it was all in motion and offer more than just those larger horror titles to the public in clothing and collectable fashions.

Horrormerch will be hitting its 10th anniversary next year and I couldn’t be happier with it!

What do you love/hate about being in the merch business?

Honestly, there is not much that I would say that I “hate.” The only downfall for me is not having more than one of me to be in different cities at the same time for all the horror movie conventions. But, I love everything about it! I’ve always been along the graphic end of things, so from creating designs, to preparing art for printing designs, to traveling to the horror conventions to sell them—it’s all just awesome. Being able to go to the horror conventions to meet a lot of people with the same interests and finding new movie titles that I wouldn’t have found before, it just makes it that much of a sweeter thing to continue doing!

So basically creating, learning, traveling and all the experiences within is really awesome. I can’t get enough with either the horror conventions or when touring with the death metal band, Incantation—as a part of their crew and helping with merchandising as well!

How many cons do you hit each year? Do you have a favorite city to visit or show that you attend?

For the past few years I have done approximately 20-25 shows a year with spring and fall being the busiest seasons for me. Along with continually visiting each city (sometimes more than once a year) I’d have to say that I don’t really have a particular favorite, especially as each one has it’s own style. But, I definitely like to partake in local food spots (especially in the south and north east) so I definitely look forward to certain flavors depending on where I end up!


What are some of the newest items that you carry or some of the latest product trends?

There’s always a demand for new releases of the bigger movie franchises. But, as most of what Horrormerch offers is a variance of items spanning over 100 years of horror (from silent movies like Nosferatu to newer movies and TV shows like American Horror Story) it’s pretty easy to find items for the cult, underground or popular movies and TV shows on the site.

What are your most popular/best selling items for your site?

Really, just new items when they are available. But, when someone is looking everywhere for an out of print shirt design or that hard to find figure…it’s awesome to help them find what they need. This year with the 40th anniversary of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise—it brings more fans to the genre and more horror movie merchandise from to you!

Be sure to check out Horromerch to order your favorite horror-inspired clothing and collectibles! From glassware to tee shirts—they have it all! 

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