Blake Anderson For Teenage

Model: Blake Anderson


Grooming: Sienree using Go247 for Celestine Agency

Teenage is a clothing line created by Blake Anderson and Rachel Finley in 2013. Anderson is best known for his work on the television comedy, Workaholics. He is hoping to take the success he has earned as a writer and actor and move it to the competitive world of fashion. You can learn more about the brand Teenage at The line has also recently been made available at retailers such as PacSun and Zumiez.

We talked to Blake Anderson about the creation of his line, the difficulties of having your own clothing line and the future of Teenage.

When did you decide you wanted to seriously pursue creating your own clothing line?

I have always been a fan of crazy and rare shirts. I started to get into the idea of producing my own shirts like 2 years ago. I started making friends who were in the streetwear business and I also started dating Rachel. Rachel was a model for a higher end girls’ clothing line. When you hang around people like that you realize maybe it is possible to produce a line. It started out as something fun to just experiment with.

Has it been more difficult to take on a project like this than you thought prior? Or, have you been surprised at how easy it has been to create your brand Teenage?

There are aspects of making clothing that are frustrating—so much is out of your control. But, the designs and stuff like that has been a lot easier for me. It’s really fun to throw together a bunch of designs and see what hits.

Has there been anything you have been able to take from your experience working on Workaholics and move over to Teenage?

Working on the show…it takes an amount of patience when you are working with a group. The creative process with a group is so much different than what you think a Kanye West probably does—it’s his brainchild and he has zero outside input. When you collaborate with a team it’s like being in a relationship—you have to be able to give and take. Workaholics has taught me to stand my ground in some instances but sometimes I have to chill—maybe that shirt doesn’t have to be neon pink.

What does it take, in your mind, for a brand to really resonate with today’s costumer?

I’m not trying to wear leather skirts or braid my testicle hair or anything. I’m not trying to break any fashion laws. I’m just trying to make clothes that I would want to wear. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything. I’m just making shirts that I think are cool and I hope the fans will think they are cool too. I’m not trying to think too hard about what is going to hit—I just think about things I want to wear.

Where would you like the brand to be in 5-10 years?

The possibilities are endless. I want to master the t-shirt game and then move towards more unique garments. I am trying to get into scented candles—that would be fucking radical!



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