Craig Asher Nyman for Life is Beautiful


Life is Beautiful is an inspirational social platform that aspires to help people see all the beauty in the world. To help promote and celebrate their message, Life is Beautiful has put together a music festival that takes place in downtown Las Vegas on October 24th, 25th and 26th. The festival will feature such well-known acts as Kanye West, Outkast and Foo Fighters.

I had the chance to speak with Craig Asher Nyman, the head of music and live performances for Life is Beautiful, about the upcoming festival.

You can learn more about Life is Beautiful and their music festival at

What can you tell us about your role with Life is Beautiful?

My official title is head of music and live performances. My job is to curate the line up for the festival. I try to help in every department where I can. I help with sponsorships and the marketing initiatives. I try to make a difference every day and to help the team achieve success.

How has the message of Life is Beautiful affected you?

I am a perfect case study for what Life is Beautiful stands for. The festival wants to show people that you can achieve your goals and dreams. I’m a living and breathing example of that—we believe it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. If you were a musician when you were younger and you had to give up your passion to find a job that can supply an income—this festival is designed to inspire you. That stood out to me—helping people know you didn’t have to give up on your dreams. I like to make people happy. Watching people have smiles on their faces at last year’s festival was the greatest feeling for me.

What can people expect from the festival if they decide to attend?

Our lineup is very diverse and we tried to tackle a lot of different genres of music. We really tried to give something a little different to everyone. That was the thought process behind the lineup this year and we are really proud of it. We really feel like we have a wonderful lineup and a little something of everything for the people who attend.

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