Phillip Bloch & The NFL


Phillip Bloch has had a diverse and awe inspiring career in the world of fashion. He can proudly list modeling, styling and design work on his resume. His bountiful knowledge of popular culture and charismatic personality has allowed him to be more than just a behind the scenes fashion force. He has been a guest on Oprah’s talk show and has also served as a guest correspondent on CNN. When you digest all that Phillip Bloch has accomplished in his career—it’s easy to understand why he is such a prevalent name in his industry.

Bloch has worked with a lot of big name celebrities and brands, but you can argue that there is no bigger name in America than the NFL. Football is without question America’s true past time and it has a fanatical following that live and breathe the sport. Phillip is currently the Creative Style Director for the NFL’s Women’s Apparel Division.

Starting September 17th the NFL, with help from Phillip, will launch the “Digital Hall of Fashion.” This fan engagement initiative will allow fans to be featured on the @NFLFanStyle Instagram page. Fans can submit their personal #NFLFanStyle photos for a chance to be featured on the page.

We spoke to Phillip Bloch about his work with the NFL, what it takes to collaborate successfully with such a colossal brand name and football’s female fan base.

Can you talk a little bit about how you got involved with the NFL?

About 3 years ago I did some work with Vogue, I work with them often, and they were doing an event for the NFL. They called on me to help with the event and the rest is history. I wanted to show women they could wear NFL gear at times other than game days.

I have always been a sports fan. I am very athletic. My dad was a major football fan. It has been a natural fit for me. People say to me ‘how did you get involved with the NFL?’ But, it really is a very natural fit for me.

You have worked with a lot of high profile clients—what separates the NFL from everyone else you have worked with?

You have the top of the line and the bottom of the line—the NFL is the top of the line. This is a globally recognized company. The fandom and fanaticism is unstoppable. The energy is amazing. When you tell people you work for the NFL their mouths open. I can really relate to that level of excitement.

I have been to some of the biggest film premieres and I have been to the Academy Awards many times—there are thousands of fans at those events screaming in excitement. But, any given Sunday you can go to any football stadium and see 50,000 people losing their minds over football. I have never seen anything like it. The energy at a football stadium is something that is incomprehensible.

When you first accepted the responsibility of putting together a women’s line for the NFL—where did you go from there? Where did you look to for inspiration and direction?

Once Vogue called me about working with the NFL—the inspiration just sort of came to me. Lots of ideas popped into my head and I thought we should show women different ways to wear the apparel. It’s a matter of taking a moment to breathe and then the ideas just start coming to you.

What have you learned about the NFL’s female fan base by working on the apparel line?

Over 45% of the NFL fan base is female. There are a lot of closet female fans out there—and we are trying to put something in their closet and bring them out. There are girls I have known for years that I never would have thought were football fans. When they see me now— “Oh my god, Phillip, you are working with the NFL now?!” I am fascinated by the level of loyalty the NFL has.

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