Pretty Poison’s Favorite Coasters: Part 5

Pretty Posion’s Favorite Coasters: Part 5

To celebrate summer, I wanted to list ten of my favorite coasters from across the country!

These picks are in no particular order.

Superman: Ultimate Flight

Superman: Ultimate Flight is a launch style coaster with a very unique looping track. It is located at Discovery Kingdom in California and opened in 2012. With its incredible twists and turns, and launches forward, as well as backwards, it is bound to take your breath away. Be sure to check out the video and see for yourself!


Fahrenheit is located at Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. It throws its riders through 6 inversions. At the bottom of its steep 121 foot drop, the coaster then throws its riders into a rare “Norwegian Loop.” If you find yourself near Hershey, PA this one is worth stopping for!

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