Brand Recognition: Lura Eyewear

Lura Eyewear is a fresh new brand that is definitely worth paying close attention to. The companies’ sunglasses feature Italian made frames that are hand finished in California. The eyewear brand just launched this summer and we spoke to Gavin Lura, the owner and creator of Lura Eyewear, about his new venture. You can learn more about Lura Eyewear at

Is this your first time being involved with a brand to this extent?

This is my first brand and my first time even working with a brand. I started working on sunglasses 7 years ago just for fun and slowly the concept evolved from that. I took some money I saved up and used it to create my own frame design. I developed the frame shapes with my manufactures over in Italy. I’ve gotten a great response so far from everyone.

What have you learned so far about the challenges that come with starting your own brand?

It has been an interesting experience. I went to business school for marketing—but they didn’t really teach me how to start a company. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start a brand. I have learned to really respect the people out there who have started businesses—there is a lot of work that goes into it.

What separates Lura from other eyewear companies out there?

We have a very forward thinking concept. Our companies’ tag line is “Vision Becomes Truth.” The brand is about substance. I really wanted to do something positive for the world that goes beyond just selling a product. I wanted to speak to people on a deeper level. If you have a positive outlook on life—that becomes your truth. I wanted to tie the brand to a positive idea like that. “Vision Becomes Truth” connects with the glasses, but it also conveys a deeper meaning about our existence.

Where are you hoping Lura Eyewear can go in the future?

I really think it can become an iconic eyewear brand. I think we can create unique eyewear pieces than can stand out. We are working on collaborations with brands that align with our aesthetic. We want to develop a sort of cult following around the world. We want to build upon the brand philosophy that “Vision Becomes Truth” and instill that into our customers.

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