Art Gallery: Sam Rodriguez

The talented Sam Rodriguez recently worked with Miller Fortune and Complex for the Find your Fortune program. The event was held in San Jose’s MACLA Black Box Theater. The Find Your Fortune video series can be found on and can also be followed on Twitter @MillerFortune. The artist from the Bay Area is also presently working on a series of wall projects that he calls, Type Faces. Type Faces involves portraiture and lettering from different languages. You can learn more about Sam Rodriguez at

The pictures shown are from the MACLA Black Box Theater event and were taken by Anna-Alexia Basile.

How would you describe your artwork to someone who isn’t familiar with your work?

My work is an observation of facial and typographic expressions.

Art is obviously subjective. How do you judge your own personal growth in this kind of medium?

My primary goal is to determine the concept of a piece and the second goal is to plan how it’s executed. I’m not interested in judging how good I am at a photo realistic portraiture. It’s better to just get a vibe from an image.

Who inspires your work?

There are a few different mediums that inspire my work. Anthropology, lettering, history, color theory, music and people all have an effect on my work.

How has living in the Bay Area impacted your work?

The Bay Area has always been really good at blending different genres. The art scene here is truly thriving and it’s innovative.

Are you still excited by the boundless possibilities that art can offer?

Yes, I still get excited about it. Art is what helps us to make sense of the stuff we can’t describe.

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