Pretty Poison’s Favorite Coasters: Part 2

To celebrate summer, I wanted to list ten of my favorite coasters from across the country!

These picks are in no particular order.

Space Mountain

This classic coaster is a MUST when visiting Disney World or Disneyland. The recently renovated version includes state of the art sound and dazzling lighting for a more modern experience. It has always been a fun ride, but with the new upgrades it is even better! Mountain is a park favorite and can have a wait of over 2 hours. Always try the new “Fast Pass” feature if you plan to visit any of the Disney parks.

Kingda Ka

This record-breaking coaster shattered the record for the highest and the fastest coaster around. The top honor was once held by Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster. Topping out at 456 feet, and hitting speeds of 128 miles per hour, it stands as the biggest, and the baddest, roller coaster in the country.


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