WCW: Silvia Kal

Photography: Michel Pinto
Make Up: Lori Young
Hair: Felipa Cabitac

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are from Spain and the amazingly beautiful Silvia Kal is proof of that. Kal is an actress on the rise with many acting credits on her resume and many more projects forthcoming. You can learn more about her on Instagram @SilviaKal1 and on Twitter @Silviakal.

A lot of people find a Spanish accent to be extremely sexy—why do you think that is? 

People love it and I often wonder why!? Maybe you can give me an answer? I’m always trying to lose my accent, because it doesn’t help with my acting career. But, everybody always tells me—“don’t ever loose your accent!”

Do you have a male crush? 

I love Brad Pitt. He seems like the perfect man. He is smart, hard working and super handsome.

Do you have a female crush? 

There are definitely women I find to be beautiful. But, I don’t like women. So, I have no female crush! Sorry for disappointing you guys [laughs].

Describe your ideal man? 

He has to be very respectful, faithful and willing to work hard for his goals.



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