Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary: Part 2

Funko POP! Vinyl figures are incredibly popular right now and they are celebrating the anniversary of Ghostbusters by releasing a set of 7 pieces from the original film! Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddmore are all present in the collection. There is also an Ecto-1, Slimer and Stay Puft being offered! The Stay Puft is 6 inches tall and towers over the other regular sized Pop! figures. There is also an “angry” Stay Puft variant only available at Hot Topic stores! Slimer is the standout for me and looks incredible suspended by clear green slime. I was able to snag most of the Ghostbuster collection from a vendor at C2E2, but they are currently popping up everywhere. This collection is definitely my favorite Ghostbusters themed merchandise on the market today.

Written By: Pretty Poison 

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