Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary: Part 1


Ghostbusters made its big screen debut on June 8th 1984. The quirky comedy about three out-of-work professors who start their own ghost removal service has become one of the most iconic films ever made in its three decades of existence. The witty and wise cracking characters (played by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis) gave the horror comedy numerous memorable lines and moments. The acting trio had plenty of success before the 1984 blockbuster, and much success after, but they have arguably never been able to top the phenomenon that is Ghostbusters. The franchise spawned a sequel as well as a cartoon spin-off. Ridiculous amounts of toys, clothing and other pieces of memorabilia have been made for the film. Over the next month I will share with you some of my favorite vintage Ghostbusters’ items, as well as new items I have found that honor the franchise.

Written By: Pretty Poison

Model: Pretty Poison 

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