Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow


The big budget summer film Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and is directed by Doug Liman. The sci-fi thriller centers on Cruise’s character and how he is forced to constantly relive the same set of days after being killed in a battle between humans and aliens. Being forced to re-experience the same exact scenarios over and over helps him become a super soldier of sorts. His increased set of abilities and knowledge allows him to better understand why he is caught in a time loop and informs him on how to defeat the extraterrestrial force earth is at battle with.

If you have seen any of the promotional materials for Edge of Tomorrow you would be led to believe that it is an extremely somber sci-fi project. While there are plenty of earnest moments in the movie—the overall tone of Tomorrow is far more playful than the trailers and ads would have you believe. Tom Cruise provides a much more vulnerable and lighthearted performance than we have seen him give in his recent action/sci-fi film offerings. His chemistry with Blunt isn’t necessarily magic but it is solid enough to give the film a nice emotional foundation. Emily Blunt’s performance as a badass soldier is believable enough and the role is a nice change of pace for the talented actress.

The strength of Edge of Tomorrow lies in its interesting plot—however, in many ways that plot also serves as its greatest weakness. While the Groundhog Day like hook of the film offers some interesting moments, the repetitive nature of Tomorrow can become tedious at times. The action scenes are decently crafted and the special effects work is satisfactory.

There will probably be better films than Edge of Tomorrow released this summer, and there will most definitely be worse. The premise and tone of the film is a nice change of pace from the plethora of superhero films and sequels that are dominating the multiplexes this summer. Tom Cruise gives one of his more inspired performances of recent years and he keeps Tomorrow from becoming too boring and repetitive.

Rating: B-

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