WCW: Vivian Kindle

Vivian Kindle is a published model who has appeared on numerous television programs like CSI: NY, Dexter and Wild n’ Out. Take one glance at the exotic beauty and you can instantly tell she is an obvious match for our “WCW” feature. You can follow Vivian on Twitter and Instagram @viviankindle. All photos are courtesy of Brian B. Hayes.

You have a very exotic background. Can you talk a little bit about your ethnicity?

My mother is European and Indonesian. My father is Czechoslovakian and French.

What are some common misconceptions that you have found guys have about you?

A lot of guys think that I’m intimidating, but I’m actually a big goof ball and super down to earth.

If a guy wanted to approach you in a bar and make a good impression what kind of advice would you give him?

No corny pick up lines!

What are some common mistakes guys have made while trying to date you, or while dating you?

Over analyzing my career and how much I’m working. Or, they can get insecure because I’m constantly meeting new people. When I date someone, I always tell him, there’s nothing to worry about.

Can you describe your dream man for us?

Tall, dark hair, light eyes, funny, spontaneous, great smile, respectful and ambitious.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to travel around the world and having the opportunity to meet great people.

What kind of things are you looking to accomplish in the near future?

I love working in the entertainment field, but I defiantly want to expand my business side. I want to make more movies and I’m starting to write now.

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